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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Telford Disco Solutions (TDS) agrees to provide mobile disco entertainment services for your function, subject to acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

Securing a booking

Following details of your enquiry, to make a booking with TDS will require a minimum deposit of £50.00 to secure the date of your event with us (subject to the type of function). Until payment of deposit is received, your booking will be classed as provisional and will be held for 7 days from date of contact. Deposits and any booking forms (where applicable) that are not received within this time will render the booking cancelled and we reserve the right to accept another booking for this date. For your records a written (or email) confirmation will be issued upon receipt of the deposit.

Client Cancellations

In circumstances where the client cancels the contract, the deposit is non refundable.

Telford Disco Solutions Cancellations

Whilst this is very rare, in the event of Telford Disco Solutions having to cancel a booking due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. weather, illness, etc.) the amount paid will be refunded. Where appropriate we will attempt to provide a substitute disco when forced into cancellation, but can not guarantee this. We retain the right to cancel the disco and give NO refund should we discover that the venue is unsuitable or that access is not allowed or is dangerous in any way; even on the night. Telford Disco Solutions is not responsible for any power failure that may occur at the venue.


All outstanding balances are to be paid before the start of the the event. Failure to settle an outstanding balance without prior arrangement with Telford Disco Solutions will result in immediate termination of the contract. School discos do not require a deposit and full payment will be accepted on the day of the disco.

Good Conduct

The client is responsible for the conduct of their guests. If at any time during the event, the DJ considers their equipment or person to be under threat, either verbally or physically, Telford Disco Solutions reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice. No refund will be made to the client in these circumstances.


The client may request an extension to the agreed playing time at the DJ’s discretion providing agreement is sought by the client from the owner/manager of the venue and an agreed overtime fee is paid to the DJ before the contracted finish time.

Access to the Venue

Telford Disco Solutions require approximately 60-90 minutes to set up prior to the event and similarly 60 minutes to pack away after the event. Clients should inform Telford Disco Solutions if the venue is not located on the ground floor to allow a longer set up/break down period.

Health and Safety

It is the client's responsibility to ensure the venue has an up-to-date fire certificate and to familiarise themselves with the safety procedures of the venue, which should then be relayed to the DJ upon arrival. A risk assessment is available from Telford Disco Solutions upon request.


In the unlikely event Telford Disco Solutions are delayed from starting a performance due to events beyond our control, the client is still liable for the full outstanding balance. All reasonable precautions are taken to safeguard the client with regard to equipment or power failure. Should loss of performance occur as a result of either of these, Telford Disco Solutions shall be under no liability as a result.


The client must ensure that the venue has suitably earthed electric supplies that will not carry any malfunction or damage the equipment. (A double or two single sockets near by are required).

Although we make every effort to accommodate all song requests made prior to the event we cannot guarantee having every song available on the evening.

No responsibility for damage, personal injury and non-fulfilment will be taken on by Telford Disco Solutions, but every safeguard / attempt is assured.

It is the responsibility of the person that is making a booking with Telford Disco Solutions to advise us of any restrictions, i.e. Noise Limiters ,Time Restrictions, Smoke Detectors, Public Entertainments Licence, etc.

Telford Disco Solutions cannot be held responsible for children, guests or the staff being hurt or any damage to clothes resulting from being near or touching any part of the equipment. Telford Disco Solutions cannot be responsible for guests suffering from any illness or allergy.

Terms & Conditions